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The Seven Year Scratch
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What We Did For Love
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Loose Lips
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Surviving Mr. Right
Surviving Mr. Right
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Plenty Good Room
Plenty Good Room
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Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless
before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our
Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever.  
Amen.                                                                                 Jude 21:24-25
Teresa McClain-Watson

SOME CAME DESPERATE is a spell-binding interracial saga about two sisters and their white lovers in contemporary
Miami.  Jules, the oldest sister, believe she’s found the answer to her dreams when she becomes Jeremy Druce’s
one and only.  He’s talented, great looking, and a renowned surgeon.  He’s also abusive, possessive, and an alpha-male who wants
nothing more than to parade Jules around as if she was a trophy he had won.  But Jules endures his less-than -stellar treatment
because her own ambitions, and her blind love for him, cannot allow her to move on.

Simone, the younger sister, is drawn to Nick Perry, a gorgeous, famous attorney who develops a long-lasting and
enduring friendship with Simone.

But when their platonic relationship turns sexual, and Simone discovers a secret about Nick’s life that renders her nearly suicidal, she
knows something has to change.  

But years later, when Simone is forced to return to that life she left in a desperate play for survival, she discovers that there is no will
power within her that is strong enough to keep her from the one man she loves too much.

SOME CAME DESPERATE chronicles interracial love in its barest human form, and takes the reader on a ride that can only be described
as tumultuous. In Jules and Jeremy, Simone and Nick, we find four people determined to stay together despite overwhelming odds
against them. And despite their own secrets and lies.
Carrie Banks struggled to find her place in this world after numerous false starts.  That was why she left her hometown and
relocated to Florida to live with a sister she always knew would have her back.  But her sister was making her own false starts,
including working as a stripper in a seamy nightclub and then working with her seamy boyfriend to get Carrie to follow in her allow
her to go down what she considered the dead end road of exotic dancing and, instead, attempted to make a living for herself by
cleaning office buildings at night.  

One night, while cleaning the executive bathroom at the prestigious Dyson Corporation, she is forced to fight off the sexual
advances of her sex-crazed supervisor.  When she makes a dramatic attempt to get away from that supervisor, she runs right into
the arms of Robert Kincaid, the handsome CEO of the Dyson Corporation

Robert Kincaid, however, did not want to be anybody’s rescuer.  His disastrous previous marriage, where his wife left him for his
close friend and dropped bombshell after bombshell on him, was all the drama he intended to have in one lifetime.  

But that was before Carrie Banks ran into his arms.  Although they are so different (he was white, she was black; he was born into
privilege, she had to scratch and claw for the little she did have), they both found a friendship and then a love that circumstances
kept trying to tear apart, but that fate and their own dogged determination would not allow to fail.  

Until Robert’s ex-wife reenters the picture with an offer even Carrie knows Robert cannot refuse.  But Carrie also knows that, if
Robert doesn’t refuse his ex-wife’s offer, it will spell the end of her life with Robert forever.
Kira Crance has it all. She’s young, gifted and black and owns a model management agency in Miami’s
beautiful South Beach. But her heart belongs to Bobby Vinetti, an Italian Stallion who has kept her around as his
number one woman, but not his wife, for nearly a decade.

When her eyes begin to roam and she finds attraction and understanding in Jake Moncrief, a wealthy
industrialist who loves her for who she is, and not what he wants her to be, Bobby V will stop at nothing to
reclaim what he believes is rightfully his.

With her girlfriends pulling her one way, and Bobby V pulling her the other way, Kira finds herself turning more
and more to Jake for the comfort, the peace of mind, she so desperately craves.
Tori Douglas was not looking for love in any places.  As a young, new supervisor at Chandler Development Corporation, all she
wanted was to do her job and do it well.  But when Ethan Chandler, her boss and the one man who held her future in his
hands, took one look at her, he knew she was a woman he had to
have.  He had never dated a black woman, and she had never dated a white man, but their mutual attraction defied their
differences and forced them to consider that there was more going on here than a simple working relationship.

Especially when he, to her shock, selects her to accompany him on a business trip to the Florida Keys.  It is there that their
attraction sizzles to such a degree that neither can deny the heat.  In a romantic story for the ages, Tori and Ethan find love at a
time when they cannot afford to keep it.  

Ethan has a million dollar problem on his hands, a problem that soon becomes too close for comfort, and Tori has to first
overcome her image of Ethan as a ruthless white playboy millionaire, before she can trust her heart.  

Will Ethan listen to his head and dismiss that thing called love, and will Tori listen to her heart despite her doubts?  Or, will their
love for each other triumph over the unexpected twists and turns that seemed determined to keep them apart?
Reggie Reynolds, a political reporter in Baltimore, returns to her hometown of Honor, Alabama when her beloved baby brother
is found brutally murdered.  Not only is she returning to confront this horrible news, but she is also returning to the ghosts of her
past, where she was once a local reporter whose refusal to bury a story on judicial corruption caused her father, an eminent but
flawed judge, to commit suicide.  

Reggie’s sister Mavis, not to mention most of her hometown, turned passionately against her, believing that her decision to print
the story was not because of some highfalutin sense of honor that she had, but because of her own twisted ambition.  

Added to this is the fact that it is an election year in Honor and the man in charge of the investigation, Police Chief Phillip Robb, a
man Reggie loves despite his tumultuous relationship with other members of the
black community, is fighting desperately to hold onto his job and his position of power.  Reggie’s love for him will be tested time
and time again when she discovers that, not only are the locals doing all they can to paint her brother’s murder as some drug
deal gone wrong, and therefore of little consequence, but that Robb himself seems to be leading the cover-up.  What she doesn’
t understand is why.
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Liz Morgan, the director of an inner city youth center, is splashed by a speeding limo. To her shock, the man in the limo,
Jason Rascone, is the same man she spent a tumultuous, sex-charged night with nearly a decade ago. Not only is he still
that gorgeous, Alpha-Male hunk they called Bulldog Rascone, but he is also the mayor of their Florida city and a man many
women would love to hold. Liz has had too many disappointments in her life to want to go down yet another dead end street
with yet another bad news player, but she can’t stop thinking about him. . .

Jason Rascone has many issues on his plate, not least of which is an upcoming re-election campaign. But when he sees
Liz Morgan again, the woman whose virginity he stole years before, he knows he has to have her again. Not just for the hot
sex he just knew she could provide, but because deep within him she has been able to penetrate a wall no other woman
has been able to scale. And he has to have her in the worse way . . .

Romancing the Bulldog is an interracial romance about two people who decides to cling to each other when so many
forces conspire against them. In Jason and Liz we find two very different people who cannot get enough of each other
sexually. But they quickly discover that their attraction is far more than a physical thing, but is a love thing, and when it
matters the most they hold on for dear life and become even more determined to ride every tide that seeks to wash their
newfound, yet profoundly heartfelt, love away.
In an interracial romance that tests the boundaries of love, Shay Cooper is a young woman soon to begin her career as a
magazine publisher when she spends a sex-charged night with hunky millionaire Matty Driscoll. Although it was supposed to
be a one-night affair, and both accepted it as such, Shay finds herself in a bind and Matty comes to her rescue. Soon, she is
unable to stop thinking about the man who would become her first and only love.

Matty Driscoll has had his share of women, but when he spends a stormy night with Shay, he soon discovers that this young
innocent is able to rock his world in ways that no other woman can.

Matty and Shay find themselves drawn to each other in such a powerful, dynamic way that it overtakes them both. At first they
believe it is their wonderful sexual connection that keeps them unable to get enough of each other, but then they quickly realize
that it is their emotional connection, their love and concern for each other, that turns out to be their real attraction. But just when
they are about to take their relationship to that next level, Matty's ex-girlfriend enters the picture with devastating news that
forever changes the entire trajectory of their lives. And Shay has a secret too: she's pregnant with Matty's child. But the news he
receives from his ex makes it impossible for her to reveal that truth to him.

Years later, when Shay's magazine is in danger of going under and she is in need of a backer, Matty reenters her life to help
her professionally. But when he finds out he has a son, and his son is in dire trouble, he is ready to move heaven and earth to
have his son, and Shay, with him forever. But time changes things, and only time will tell if Matty and Shay's love is enough to
withstand the drama, the obstacles, thrown in their path.
Trina Hathaway is a waitress in a Las Vegas strip joint who spends a romantic evening with a good looking hunk she
met at the club. Hoping to see him again, but not disappointed when she doesn’t, she goes on with her life. But a week
later, when she interviews for a job at the renowned PaLargio Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip, and discovers that
the owner of the hotel is the man she had slept with, a man who very much wishes to rekindle what they had captured
that passionate night, her entire life spirals into a new and dramatic world where family ties and ever-increasing violence
ropes them in.

Reno Gabrini is a man’s man who knew, the first time he spent an evening with her, that Trina was the woman for him.
But he soon discovers that capturing her heart is not going to be as easy as ordering his minions around, especially with
his mob connections that keeps their romance in a constant state of uncertainty. But his love for Trina makes him bound
and determined to do all he can to keep her, even if it means forsaking all others.

In an interracial romance that tests the very essence of love, Reno and Trina discovers that there are no easy answers,
and no perfect endings, but that their love and devotion to each other can help them find the way.
When Regina Lansing, an activist attorney from Newark, New Jersey, catches the eye of the President of the United
States, she assumes it’s because of her outspoken stance against his tough policies. But when they meet, and sparks
fly, she discovers the soul mate she never dreamed would come her way.

Walter “Dutch” Harber, the gorgeous bachelor president, has his hands full with a combative Congress and an
upcoming reelection bid. But when he meets Gina, this voluptuous black woman with all the right curves, he finds in her
a strong, independent equal who keeps him intellectually-challenged publicly and sexually-energized privately, so much
so that he becomes convinced that he has finally met the love of his life.

But Washington politics won’t give this interracial couple an easy ride, as they must battle forces from within and forces
from without that seek to tear down everything they have fought so hard to build up. And just when they thought they had
endured every knockout punch imaginable, another curve is tossed their way with the kind of implications, the kind of
jarring reality, that can not only destroy a love affair, but can bring down an entire presidency.
attorney with an eye on the big leagues, she quickly discovers that her brains are not enough in the dog-eat-dog world of a
decision after bad decision, she discovers that the only person in her corner is the owner of the firm himself, Robert
Colgate, a man who favors Bree from the start and ends up breaking every rule he has lived by, including sleeping with
and craving the young and brilliant Bree, even though she works for him.

But when Robert finds himself accused of sexual harassment, it is Bree who ends up in his corner, not only to help get his
good name back, but to help him through turbulent nights where their unbridled passion for each other becomes a
powerful antidote to the craziness around them.

Bree and Robert forge a different kind of interracial love affair, the kind built on trust and need and perseverance. And even
when Robert’s son comes into the picture, and attempts to drag his mother, Robert’s ex, back in with him, it is that very
love that’s tested over and over, almost to the breaking point.
Reno and Trina are back, but this time the hounds of hell are on their trail. Their marriage isn’t a
day old before Reno’s enemies conspire against him and end up targeting his own wife. Reno, a
man of honor who never starts a fight but will always finish one, refuse to let anyone get away with
disrespecting him. He fights back, but he doesn’t even know who the enemy is anymore. And he
soon discovers that protecting his wife isn’t going to be as simple as keeping her under his thumb.

Trina, too, is concerned by the tumultuousness of their lifestyle as Reno’s overly protective, Alpha-
male behavior becomes almost unbearable for her. She, too, fights back, but she discovers that
taming Reno isn’t going to be as simple as doing it her way. Both are determined to make their
brand new marriage work, but the odds begin to stack against them.

But when Reno finds out he has a son from a previous relationship, and his son is being used as
a pawn by his enemies, the game changes again. And Reno and Trina begins to discover that not
only is their way of life under attack, but their very love for each other as well.
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Dutch and Gina are back. Dutch is now in his second term as president, and Gina is his brand new First Lady. And only
one month after the inauguration, their honeymoon is over.

Dutch has to deal with crisis after crisis that often questions his ability to lead, while Gina has to deal with a doubtful press
that refuses to accept her as First Lady. She is criticized about everything, from her dress style to her beliefs in social
justice to her devotion to her husband. She often finds herself in confrontations she never asked for, but also never backs
down from. It is Dutch, however, who refuses to allow anyone to disrespect her.

But when women from Dutch’s past make accusations that rock his presidency to its core, creating a maelstrom of
unrelenting, nasty attacks the interracial couple had never dreamed they’d encounter, they find themselves caught in a
whirlwind that pushes their relationship near the breaking point. And that forces them to question if their love and devotion
are enough.
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The President's Girlfriend 2: His Women and His Wife
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It was supposed to be a marriage made in heaven when Nikki Lucas, a former street hustler from the wrong
side of the tracks, captures the heart of the superfine Dino Cochran, a former nightclub owning bad boy and
now powerful church CEO. But less than three hours after their heavenly nuptials,hell goes in session and
changes the game, taking their happy union and thrusting it into a downward spiral of mistrust, lust, and

First, they postpone their honeymoon to the south of France for a detour to Detroit, where Dino has to handle
a series of devastating crisis’ that
threatens to destroy everything he has worked years to build up. Then Nikki is blind-sided by female drama
after female drama when beautiful,
successful women refuse to accept that Dino Cochran is no longer on the market and that a female with
Nikki’s obvious lack of sophistication and
breeding could have succeeded where they had failed.

They scheme and connive and become so hellbent on ending a marriage that has only just begun that Nikki
wonders if a life with Dino is worth it, after
all. Soon Nikki herself develops an attraction to a bad boy whose jealousy of Dino makes him bound and
determined to destroy everything Dino holds
dear, especially his most precious possession: his young, brand new bride. It is a destruction that nearly
costs Dino to lose all in a fit of rage and
revenge that makes him question the kind of man he has allowed himself to become.

After Redemption is the story of an unlikely love affair that pits two very different people against a world of
love, lust and betrayal that will challenge
them to the breaking point and will require every ounce of their faith to withstand the onslaught.
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President Walter “Dutch” Harber and his African-American wife Gina thought the birth of their child and the
exposure of those seeking to bring their marriage to its knees would have meant blissful times ahead for the
interracial couple. But they quickly discover that their enemies have other plans, and blissfulness is the last thing
they are about to experience.

It all begins when the couple refuses to parade their child in front of cameras or release any photos in a concerted
effort to keep him out of the limelight. A scandal erupts where Dutch’s paternity is called into question and where
Gina is accused of not only engaging in illicit affairs inside the White House, but of criminal wrongdoing as well.

Their marriage, once rock solid, begins to feel the strain of too many battles, too many lies and innuendo, too many
people seeking to tear apart a couple that refuses to play political games or live by anybody else’s compass. And
when the bombardment becomes too much, when Gina is castigated for simply being herself and is hauled before
Congress to give answer to scurrilous attacks on her character, Dutch takes matters into his own hands. And when
all is said and done, none of them, not Dutch, not Gina, not even their baby boy, will ever be the same again.

In the third installment of the President’s Girlfriend series, the strong-willed couple is confronted by enemies from
within and without that not only strains their marriage to the breaking point, but causes their own child to get caught
in the blowback.
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DUTCH AND GINA: A SCANDAL IS BORN (The President's Girlfriend Series)
Walter “Dutch” Harber, the President of the United States, is recovering in Florida after
suffering an emotional collapse. His recovery, however, is interrupted when he receives word
that his political enemies have uncovered a secret from his past that could not only bring down
his presidency, but forever destroy the unshakable bond he has with his African-American wife.

In the fourth installment of the President’s Girlfriend series, Dutch and Gina must confront and
destroy the ghosts of their past, before those ghosts destroy them.
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DUTCH AND GINA: AFTER THE FALL (The President's Girlfriend Series)
When Walter “Dutch” Harber, the President of the United States, is caught in a compromising
situation in a San Francisco hotel room that leads to deadly consequences, the Washington
press takes matters into their own hands with rumors and allegations that could bring down his
see coming, it is Dutch who takes matters into his own hands to protect his wife and preserve her
good name.

In the fifth installment of The President’s Girlfriend series, Dutch and Gina endure twin
catastrophes that seek to tear the very foundation of their love apart, and that calls into question
everything about their love, their friends, and themselves..
Reno and Trina are back, but this time they bring hunky Tommy Gabrini and his tall, gorgeous,
African-American ladylove along for the ride.

When Reno returns to Vegas to reignite his love affair with Trina, his blissfulness is interrupted
by news that his sister has gunned down the son of a prominent mob boss. After a devastating
retaliation, another mob war seems inevitable unless Reno is able to outsmart his clever

He enlists the aid of ShoShawna Shanks, a beautiful lone wolf hired gun and the one woman
able to keep Tommy Gabrini’s attention.

Tommy and Shawna seek to rekindle their tumultuous love affair, while Reno and Trina seek to
hang onto theirs. But forces even they didn’t see coming tries to tear them all apart, and to do
so by any means necessary.            
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DUTCH AND GINA: THE POWER OF LOVE (The President's Girlfriend Series)
Nikki Tarver is a young, liberal reporter working hard to advance her career. She refuses to let a man make
a fool out of her or to allow any simmering nights of passion distract her from her goals. But when she
interviews the gorgeously enigmatic Montgomery Ryan, a criminal court judge and the only man who has
ever come close to cracking her shell, she finds herself caught up in a passionate affair that makes her
career seem like an afterthought.

But when seemingly respectable women alleges sexual misconduct against the hunky judge, Nikki has to
decide if she is going to fight for her career, or for her man.

Romancing Mo Ryan is the interracial love story of two very different people and the love they share despite
those differences. They work hard to maintain their unbreakable bond in a world where rumor and
innuendo conspire to destroy all that they hold dear.
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Shanay Turner is an ambitious young reporter determined to make her mark in the world of journalism.  
But when she meets John Malone, a stud of a cop, and they develop a deep bond based, not only on
hot sex and passion, but on mutual respect and admiration, her life changes forever.

Police Captain John Malone never dreamed a young, slip of a girl like Shay Turner could make him
gladly turn in his player card, but that’s exactly what happens.  First he respects her spunk and her
refusal to kiss up to the powers that be, including him.  Then he falls hard for her body, a body that
gives him the kind of pleasure he’d always longed for.  But when he falls deeply in love with her, and
others in town aren’t all too thrilled with their union, he realizes loving Shanay isn’t going to be as easy
as caring for her, cherishing her, being completely devoted to her.  He has to protect her, too.

Loving her Soul Mate is the story of a May-December, interracial romance where two people share a
bond that constantly gets tested, but makes them all the more determined to withstand every test.
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Dutch Harber, the President of the United States, returns from a trip abroad concerned with his daughter’s erratic
behavior.  She not only seeks to link him sexually to her mother, but to destroy Gina, his African-American wife, in
the process.  She teams up with Gina’s half-brother, an ex-con who has his own agenda, to bring down the First
Couple.  But the situation takes a drastic turn when an encounter from Dutch’s past comes back to haunt him,
and when those Washington schemes and plots collide in a dangerous intersection of passion and greed that
leaves the very heart of Dutch and Gina in the balance.  
In the sixth installment of the President’s Girlfriend/Dutch and Gina series, the interracial couple discovers that
the enemy from within can sometimes be far more deadly, and devastating, than any from without.
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DUTCH AND GINA: THE SINS OF THE FATHERS (The President's Girlfriend Series)
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Jake Varnadore is a ladies man who commands a hotel empire in the heart of
Miami’s South Beach.  
Along with his handsome son, Aubrey, and his petulant daughter Pam, they are
successful in
business, but very unsuccessful in love.
Veronica Wingate is an attorney who looks out for the little guy, but when she
meets the gorgeous
hotel magnate, she doesn’t know if she found the love of her life, or a thorn in
her side.   
In an interracial romance of family, greed, and lovers and takers, Jake
Varnadore finds himself
fighting hard to not only keep his family from falling apart, but his very own
nature from ruining his
chances with the best woman, and lover, he could have ever dreamed of
calling his own.
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Lovers and Takers
Reno Gabrini relocates his wife Trina far away from the bright lights of Vegas.  They settle
in a small Georgia town where Reno runs a restaurant and Trina volunteers at a
community center.  All is at peace with the world as Trina meets Sully, a gorgeous local
bachelor who becomes her friend and confidante, and Reno meets Nell, a woman from
his past who becomes his right hand assistant.
But trouble comes to paradise when Sully decides that Reno doesn’t deserve a woman
like Trina, and he wants her for himself.  And although Reno makes it clear that he has no
intentions of sharing his wife with any man, Sully refuses to give up what quickly becomes
his obsession.  And when Nell’s seventeen year old son is accused of a horrible crime,
and she is forced to turn to Reno for help, Reno discovers a shocking secret.  Not only
does he have a son he didn’t know he had, but the reason for the accusations against his
son points back to those mob ties Reno has never been able to sever.  
In an explosive interracial love story, Reno and Trina find their relationship tested time and
again as they seek to balance their new life in Georgia with their old mob connections
from Vegas.  And when those connections become deadly, Reno knows he didn’t start the
fight, but it’s up to him to finish it.  And to also keep his gorgeous wife from being stolen
from him in broad daylight.
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When gorgeous tough guy Reno Gabrini finds out that his lady love Katrina is pregnant, he becomes
a nervous wreck.  He does everything in his power to protect her from forces real and imagined, and
to make her pregnancy move along as smoothly as possible.  Trina, in turn, does everything in her
power to deal with his controlling ways.  She also has to deal with a woman with her eyes on Reno,
a best friend in serious need of her help, and in-laws with their eyes on mayhem.

But Reno’s love for her and her devotion to him trumps any setbacks they face, even as their
challenges create tensions in their interracial marriage that they didn’t see coming.  But Trina knows
her own worth and the worth of her man, and she fight every foe that seek to destroy their union.  
Reno, also, remains steadfast and determined to keep his family together, even if it means tearing
some of them apart.

A Mob Boss Christmas is a love story about romantic entanglements and the kind of enduring love
able to withstand the fiery darts of doubt, seduction, and sexual need in its barest form.
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A brand new interracial romance novel from the queen of romance, Mallory Monroe!

Tommy Gabrini wasn’t looking for love when he attended a dinner party at a friend’s house.  He had broken up with
his longtime girlfriend five months earlier and was contented to play the field for the rest of his life.  But when a
gorgeous African queen in red walked into his orbit, he knew something drastic was about to change.

Grace McKinsey knew Tommy Gabrini to be a rich, drop dead gorgeous playboy, but what she quickly realized was
that he was also attracted to her.  On the night of her thirtieth birthday, their passion for each other spills over into
passionate love making that both of them assumed would be a one-night stand.  But circumstances intervene and
soon Tommy and Grace realize that they don’t want anybody else, and that they have to give love a chance.

In a stirring interracial romance, Mallory Monroe takes her readers on a sensual journey of love, lust and unrequited
revenge, where Tommy and his new love cleave to each other, as outside forces conspire to tear them apart.
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DUTCH AND GINA: WHAT HE DID FOR LOVE (The President's Girl Series)
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Dutch Harber resigned his presidency praying for a simple life. He gave until it nearly cost him everything, and
he had no further interest in giving any more. He returned to his beautiful estate in New Jersey with the goal of
returning to his Fortune 500 company and re-launching his private life. He had high hopes of finally giving the
love of his life, his African beauty Gina, the life she deserved.

But just when he thought he had put their traumatized romance back together again, not only the world around
him, but those near and dear to him, begin to fall apart. Allegations of affairs and betrayal, of unrequited love
and miscalculations uproot from Washington and follow him to Jersey. And then, after a terrorist attack leaves
the country in panic and confusion, Washington comes calling too. They all need Dutch. They all refuse to allow
Dutch Harber the peace and quiet he had been dreaming of.

In the latest installment of the President’s Girlfriend series (Book Seven), Dutch and Gina find themselves
caught in a swirl of drama and national crisis that they thought were behind them. And when Gina refuse to
endure it again, Dutch has to put his foot down. But not without a heavy cost.
Reno Gabrini believes his number one job is to protect his family.  His beautiful wife, Trina, and their two sons
are the very reason he gets out of bed every morning.  But when he returns home from a business trip to find
his wife partnering with people he barely knows, a gold digging female attempting to worm her way into the
family, and a lovesick son with a dead body in his trunk, he knows his job has gotten that much harder.  He
takes charge, believing there’s more going on than meets the eye, but his family insists he’s overreacting and
into a world of passion and obsession where Reno begins to believe that all of their unsolicited drama may be
disguising another mob war.
In the sixth installment of the Mob Boss series, Reno Gabrini comes face to face with his greatest fears and is
forced to put it all on the line in ways that nearly costs him everything.
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Reno's Gift (Mob Boss Series 7)
The entire Gabrini clan comes together in this explosive new interracial romance about love,
and lost, and family.  
Reno Gabrini is the ultimate family man.  Although he works harder than he should, and often
finds it difficult to spend the kind of quality time he deeply wants to spend with his family,
whenever they need him, he is always there.  That’s why, when Tommy and Grace need a
break after Grace suffers a traumatic event in Seattle, Reno urges them to come to Vegas and
be with the family.  Sal Luca also comes along for the ride, to the delight (and anguish) of
Gemma Jones, and Jimmy begins to come into his own as Reno’s right hand man.  
But Reno’s love of family is put to the test in a dramatic way when the ghosts of his past
attempts to spook him again.  And the love affair he has with his wife becomes the only source
of strength he has, until that, too, gets tested.  
The seventh installment of the Mob Boss series finds Reno and Trina, Tommy and Grace, and
Sal and Jimmy Mack celebrating life and family, even as the past seeks to undermine their joy.
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Gemma Jones once thought Sal Gabrini could be a keeper. He was, in truth, the man of her dreams. But after she didn’t hear from him when he had
promised to stay in touch, she wasn’t thinking about him either.

Even when she travels to his turf, to Seattle, to attend a stuffy lawyer’s convention, she’s bound and determined not to give Sal a second thought. The
fact that she had refused his sexual advances probably had everything to do with why he didn’t follow up with her, and she understands that. But that
understanding only makes her all the more determined to keep him at arm’s length. She might have been known for her slamming body, but that didn’t
mean she wants the man of her dreams to only want her for that body.

But the convention turns out to be so boring that Trina, her friend and business partner, encourages her to give the man a call. If nothing else he can
show her the town and ramp down the boredom, her friend insists. So against her better judgment, Gemma phones him. When he doesn’t return her
voice mail message later that night, she  wants to kick herself for even bothering.

Hunky businessman Sal Gabrini arrives back in town after a trip to Jersey. When he sees where the gorgeously exotic Gemma Jones has left him a
message, he realizes how much he actually misses her. He shows up at her hotel, catching her off guard, and that one proactive move takes the pair of
would-be lovers on the most tumultuous, yet sexually and emotionally gratifying rollercoaster ride of their lives.
Sal has to decide if he is willing to risk it all for the love of a good woman, and Gemma has to decide if a player like Sal Gabrini can ever truly change and
become the man she will need him to be. Their tempers flare, their personalities clash, but their love for each other becomes the cornerstone that could
actually make their relationship  work.

In the first book by bestselling author Mallory Monroe that focuses on Tommy’s younger brother Sal, ROMANCING SAL GABRINI is an interracial romance
that takes the readers on a compelling journey of love, sex, and tears.
Tommy Gabrini never dreamed he’d fall in love when Grace McKinsey entered his life.  She
wasn’t sophisticated enough, his friends declared, or beautiful enough.  But Tommy fell hard for
the very woman they all dismissed.  He even took the step of his life and asked her to be his
wife.  His brother Sal warned him that hell was about to go in session when Tommy’s
numerous “lady friends” found out about his new lady love.  Tommy laughed it off at the time,
insisting that his ladies were far too sophisticated to play those kinds of games.  But he would
soon find out that his brother wasn’t far from the truth.  Yet even then, Tommy could handle that
truth.  He loved Grace and he didn’t hesitate to make that clear.  But when they stopped targeting
Tommy, and started setting their sights on Grace, everything changed.

Grace worked hard to be her own woman, even as Tommy’s generosity set her up as the CEO
of her own company, and she knew not to take the bait of females who wanted Tommy for
themselves.  But as she battled from within to maintain control of her own company, and battled
from without to maintain Tommy by her side, she soon realized that being Tommy Gabrini’s
fiancée didn’t come without a price.  A price, she would soon discover, that might be too high to

From national bestselling author Mallory Monroe comes a gripping interracial romance where
two people discover that love can take strange and unexpected turns, and if they aren’t careful,
other people’s hate can sneak in and overrule their love
Vegas casino owner Reno Gabrini just wanted to take it easy.  His beloved PaLargio was back
in business and turning profits like the good old days.  His headliner act, pop sensation Shay
Grayson, was packing the house and making amends for her diva behavior.  His gorgeous
African American wife, Trina, was working extra hard to make her own mark on the business
world and was holding her head up high despite rumors of his infidelity.  His sons were happy,
healthy, and completely devoted to their father.  All, Reno thought, was right with the world.  
Until his oldest son falls in love with a ruthless woman almost twice his age, his wife
reestablishes contact with a man he told her to stay away from, and he is nearly destroyed by
an enemy that targets, not his mind, soul, or body, but his heart.
In the latest installment of the romantic Mob Boss Series (Book Eight), Reno Gabrini must
confront the ghosts of his past as he seeks to protect his family from a subtle, but just as
dangerous, foe.
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Reno and Son: Don't Mess with Jim (The Mob Boss Series)
Romancing Sal Gabrini 2: A Woman's Touch
For the Love of Gina: The President's Girlfriend/Dutch and Gina Series
Trina Gabrini, the gorgeous African-American wife of powerful hotel mogul Reno Gabrini, suffers
a terrible loss and can’t seem to move on as easily as she thought she would.  Now situations
she used to be able to dismiss, like rumors of her husband’s infidelity and allegations of his mob
connections, are beginning to take their toll.  She wants out.  She wants to stop the world and get
off.  But she doesn’t know how.

Hunky Reno Gabrini is a man determined to do everything in his power to keep his family safe and
together.  But his enemies won’t cooperate.  Threats are made, decisions enforced, and
problems mount.  But when his beloved wife Trina becomes the source of those problems, he
has to summon all of his will and talent, not as a fierce leader, but as a lover, to hold onto his wife.

In the ninth installment of the popular Mob Boss Series, Reno and Trina must battle gangsters,
women, fate, and each other, in their quest to stay together.
power to give his beautiful African American wife the good life and happiness she deserves. But
when secrets and lies from his past life suddenly collide with his present-day, idyllic life, he
finds himself fighting to hold onto that wife he loves so much, despite the overwhelming pain
his decisions are causing her.

In the final installment of the popular President’s Girlfriend/Dutch and Gina series, our favorite
couple has to summon all of the love they have for each other, not only just to stay together, but
to survive together.
Italian heartthrob Sal Gabrini has a reputation as a hardnosed former cop who is now a
hardnosed wealthy businessman who will fight to the death for what he believes in. If his family
is threatened, or his business compromised, he will not rest until payback is complete and final.
But even hard men like Sal has a soft spot. His soft spot is Gemma.

Gemma Jones, his beautiful African-American girlfriend, is a woman who speaks her own mind,
runs her own business, and refuses to be the female who looks the other way. Despite rumors
of Sal’s mob connections, despite his volatile temper and domineering personality, despite the
feisty women from his past, Gemma demands respect from him and he gives it to her. And
together their long-distance relationship grows closer and closer.

But when Sal is double-crossed by men who are supposed to be working for him, and the
blowback blows back on Gemma herself, he knows he has to restore order in his life before
Gemma leaves him, and he has no life to restore.

In an explosive new interracial romance from bestselling author Mallory Monroe, Sal Gabrini
finds that for all of his bravado and domination, his need to feel a woman’s touch may prove to
be his greatest strength, and his greatest weakness.
Italian powerhouse Reno Gabrini is happy with his life in Vegas.  His beautiful African-
American wife is his partner in the bedroom and in the boardroom, and is keeping
him in line and all of his female groupies at bay.  His newborn girl and young son are
healthy and well-adjusted children, and his oldest son, Jimmy Mack, is fast
becoming a man.

Maybe too fast.

Jimmy Mack Gabrini has always had a contentious relationship with his powerful
father, and it has only grown more impassioned throughout the years.  His dream is
to make his father proud, but he keeps falling short.  It doesn’t help that even his
girl, Val Wellstone, finds his father sexy as hell too and can’t seem to stop singing
his praises, and his father seems to return the affection.

But when enemies conspire to do Val harm and Reno wants to take the lead, Jimmy
asserts himself in a way that Reno always knew was coming, but not this soon.  It
becomes so explosive that Tommy and Sal Gabrini are called in to lend a hand as
lives are saved and lost, hearts are mended and broken, and old wounds are finally

In the tenth installment of the popular Mob Boss series, Reno and Son live, love,
laugh and fight to the death for the women they love, and the family they believe in.
Tommy Gabrini 3: Grace Under Fire (The Gabrini Men Series)
Business mogul Tommy Gabrini, once voted the sexiest man alive by a Seattle magazine,
wants nothing more than to settle down in marital bliss with his beloved wife, and live his
life far from the fast lane.  But women from his past, who remembered just how sexy he
truly was, refuses to cooperate.
Businesswoman Grace Gabrini, Tommy’s African-American wife, expected resistance
when she married a much sort-after man like Tommy.  But she never dreamed it would
rise to levels beyond even her wildest imagination.  From random phone calls to
unsolicited visits, it becomes a living nightmare.  But Grace will not allow their problems
to become her problems and she refuses to participate.  Until extremes are reached,
battle lines are drawn, and Grace, under fire, decides to fire back.
In the third installment of the Tommy Gabrini books, Tommy and Grace try to hold on to
their fragile marriage, even as the odds, and his women, stack up against them.
Business tycoon and sexy heartthrob Sal Gabrini works hard to maintain his numerous business
ventures and his long-distance relationship with his super-sexy African-American girlfriend.  Marriage is
in the cards, but he knows that branding her with the Gabrini name could become more of a curse than
a blessing.  
But when a woman from his past asks for his help, and it nearly costs him his life, he and Gemma must
dangerous lifestyle.
In the latest installment of Sal and Gemma’s romantic story, the interracial couple discovers that the
lessons of love can come at a very serious price.
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Sal Gabrini 3: Hard Love (The Gabrini Men Series Book 6)
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Sal Gabrini 4: I'll Take You There (The Gabrini Men Series Book 7)
It should have been the best time of his life. Italian tough guy and business mogul Sal Gabrini
asks his beautiful African-American girlfriend, criminal defense attorney Gemma Jones, to
marry him. And she says yes. But the world around them says no. No to their happiness. No to
their union. No to any peace for either one of them. But Sal and Gemma fight tooth and nail to
stay together, even as everybody, including those who should be happiest for them, fight tooth
and nail to keep them apart.

In the fourth installment of the Sal and Gemma interracial love story, we find a couple
determined to find happiness despite their many storms.
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Gorgeous business mogul Charles “Big Daddy” Sinatra is the most hated and feared man in Jericho County.
But instead of despising it, he embraces it. Instead of correcting misconceptions, he is a man who don’t give
a damn. Until he meets a gorgeous African American woman he can’t get out of his mind…

Jenay Franklin has had her share of setbacks in her life. Now she is a thirty-two year old woman just
beginning her career in hotel management. When she is given an offer she can’t refuse from the very
attractive and very powerful Charles Sinatra, she leaps at the chance to run one of his businesses, and
eventually his heart. But in a town that does not accept change well, and with a man who is as ruthless as
he is loving, Jenay realizes that love and happiness in Jericho will come at a price.

Charles, too, decides to give love another try with Jenay. But at what cost to himself, to his town, and to his
four grown sons, all of whom have issues of their own?

Big Daddy Sinatra is the first book in the all-new, interracial romance series, The Sinatras of Jericho County,
by Mallory Monroe.
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Big Daddy Sinatra: There Was a Ruthless Man (The Sinatras of Jericho County Book 1)
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Life is good for the Gabrini clan.  Italian heartthrob Reno Gabrini and his beautiful wife Trina are
expanding their empire across the south.  Gorgeous Tommy Gabrini and his wife Grace are
celebrating the arrival of a bouncing baby girl.  Hunky tough guy Sal and his smart and sexy wife
Gemma are newlyweds and enjoying peace and happiness for a change.  Life is good.  

Until an ambush in a bar changes everything.  Allegiances are questioned.  Relationships are
frayed.  And the Gabrini men go to war to avenge a different kind of enemy, one foolish (or
cunning) enough to dare to harm their loved ones.

In the latest installment of the Mob Boss series, the Gabrini men come together in an explosive
mix of romance, action, and their trademark love.
Mob Boss Eleven: The Wrong One (The Mob Boss Series Book 11)
Handsome businessman Charles Sinatra and his regal African-American wife Jenay are living
the good life in Jericho despite the bluebloods in town who despise their wealth and power and
will stop at nothing to bring them down.  Jenay continues to run Charles’s Bed and Breakfast,
and Charles continues to run the rest of his empire with the same ruthlessness and
uncompromising fearlessness he is known for.  He also continues to be there for his grown
sons, despite their many issues.  Even his oldest son Brent has found somebody to keep him
warm, even though that somebody is Jenay’s best friend.

But when Jenay becomes the target of somebody’s twisted revenge, Charles will stop at
nothing to protect his family and to show the haters in town just how far he’s willing to go with
his protection.

In the latest installment of the Sinatras of Jericho County series, the entire Sinatra clan comes
together to serve, protect, and defend their family and their good name.
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BIG DADDY SINATRA 2: IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU (The Sinatras of Jericho County)
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Tommy Gabrini 4: Dapper Tom Begin Again
Tommy Gabrini is divorced and back in what he calls the meat market.  But he’s only tasting.   His days of
buying are over.  When he meets Liz Logan, a smart, successful, African-American bombshell who is
playing the field just as eagerly as he is, he feels as if he has finally found his open relationship soul
mate.  And he’s realistic about this new coupling.  By virtue of his strong physical reaction to her, he’s
certain she will eventually become his go-to person when he needs that sexual release.  Given the way
she does him in bed, he’s absolutely fine with that.  

But what he isn’t banking on is the emotional connection.  What he comes realize is that whenever she’s
away from him, he cannot bear it.  He cannot get her off of his mind.  And when she comes through for
him in a mighty way, and they both begin to realize just how much they truly need each other, sparks fly for
Tommy once again, but on a level so profoundly different  that it nearly costs him everything.

In the latest installment of the Gabrini Men series, Tommy finds love and happiness once again, but at
what price?
Charles Sinatra sits at the head of a family and a business empire that causes
many men to envy him and many more to fear him. But when his past comes back
to haunt him and threatens to bring down the very foundation of the family and
empire he loves, he strikes back. With the love and support of his beloved and
gorgeous African-American wife, Jenay, and his grown sons that adore him, no
weapon is able to bring him down.

In the latest installment of the Sinatras of Jericho County series, The Best of My
Love is a love story between a man and his woman, a man and his children, and a
family holding together against all odds.
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Big Daddy Sinatra 3: The Best of My Love (The Sinatras of Jericho County)
Business mogul and Italian heartthrob Sal Gabrini has too much going on.  From the
international Gabrini Corporation, to his shady dealings outside of his corporate
responsibilities, to dealing with all of the men who are pulling out the stops to get next
to his beautiful African-American wife, he is a man on a ledge.  But when enemies he
didn’t even know he had decides to take it to the highest level and target his beloved
wife, he becomes a man on a mission.

In a sexy and furious installment of the Gabrini Men series, Salvatore Luciano Gabrini
is angry, and determined to bring to his brand of justice every one of the MFs who
thought they could play with fire by targeting his wife, and not get burned.  Sal Luca will
not only burn them, but will burn down everything they hold dear.
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Sal Gabrini Five: Until You Come Back To Me
Reno Gabrini and his beautiful African-American wife Trina wheel and
deal in Vegas as he runs the mighty PaLargio Hotel and Casino and she
runs a high-end clothing store.  

But everything changes for them when lies are spread about romantic
entanglements and their son is victimized.  Hell goes in session and
Reno Gabrini becomes judge and jury as he fights for his family’s honor,
his wife’s love, and his son’s life.

Reno and Trina: In the Shadows of Love is the twelfth book in the hit
interracial romance Mob Boss series.
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Reno and Trina: In the Shadows of Love (The Mob Boss Series Book 12)
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Handsome Brent Sinatra has a lot on his plate.  As chief of the Jericho County
Police Department, he has to deal with corruption and brutality on his police force, a
school shooting involving his kid sister, a hit-and-run involving his kid brother, and
the prospect of Makayla Ross, his beautiful African-American girlfriend, relocating to
Jericho, at his request, to take their long-term romance to the ultimate level.

But when Brent receives news about a son he didn’t know he had, and skeletons
from his past seeks to destroy what he is trying to build with his lady love, he gives it
his all for his woman, his child, and his very existence.

All of Me is the first book chronicling the interracial romance between Brent and
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Brent Sinatra: All of Me
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Mick Sinatra 2: Love, Lies, and Jericho
Businessman bad boy Mick Sinatra is at a sweet spot in his life.  His business is
flourishing, the Feds are off his back, and Rosalind Graham, his African-American
girlfriend, is making her own way in a cutthroat Philadelphia marketplace.  He still worries
sick about her, but he respects her drive and determination.  He and Roz even find time for
a reunion in Jericho with his big brother, Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, and meet a family
filled with love, grace, and inspiration.

But when his son is nearly killed in a drug-deal-gone-wrong scheme, and Roz is targeted
in a snatch and grab, Mick finds himself in a war he didn’t know had been declared.  He
didn’t start it, but he knows he has to finish it, before it finishes him.

Mick Sinatra 2: Love, Lies, and Jericho, is the second book in the Mick and Roz interracial
romance series.
Bad boy Mick Sinatra feels the heat from the Feds from outside, and disloyal men from
within.  He has no time for love.  But when a woman comes along so unlike the dull socialites
and supermodels of his past, he wonders if fate is playing a cruel trick on him.  How can a
woman so virtuous, and kind, and beautiful in a way that reduced him to a horny teenager
ever want anything to do with a hard, cold man like him?  He know he can have her.  He never
met a woman he could not woo.  But in order to keep her, which he absolutely intends to do,
he knows he will have to open himself bare and show her the good, the bad, and the ugly
Mick.  Mick Sinatra is a hugely successful businessman.  Mick the Tick is a thug.

African-American actress Roz Graham never dreamed the handsome Italian at the audition
could ever become the love of her life.  He’s rude and crude and brutally honest.  But there’s
another side to him.  The side that treats her, the girl who never got any breaks, like a queen.  
And when she decides to give her heart to him, she is amazed at the care, the attention, and
yes, the love he gives back to her.

Mick Sinatra: For Once In My Life is the first book in the Mick Sinatra interracial romance
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Mick Sinatra: For Once In My Life
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Sal Gabrini: His House of Cards
beautiful African-American wife, is the love of his life.  He has his health, his wealth, he
cannot ask for more.  Until allegations of sexual improprieties, racial discrimination, and
Sal Gabrini never saw it coming.  His business is flourishing.  Gemma Gabrini, his
uncovered secrets and lies threaten to tear his happy life and his powerful kingdom Sal
Gabrini never saw it coming.  His business is flourishing.  Gemma Gabrini, his apart.  

In the explosive sixth installment of the Sal Gabrini series, Sal and Gemma must confront
the ghosts of their past, and discover that their own love and marriage is about to be
tested beyond any crisis they had ever faced before.
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Businessman bad boy Mick Sinatra is running on empty.  Now that two of the three Dons are dead,
and the third one has retired, he has to take charge and run every one of their organizations before
their successors run them into the ground.  His youngest son Joey wants a piece of the action too, but
Mick forbids his involvement, only to discover that his other son is already involved, with dangerous
consequences.  His gorgeous African-American wife, the newlywed Rosalind, is hiring more clients in
her agency, including a one-time fashion designer with designs on her.  And then there’s Sal.

Sal Gabrini.  Mick’s nephew and the man responsible for the death of Mick’s sister.  Their paths will
cross in a fiery encounter that will leave both of them reeling, and will leave no doubt as to who is the
real Head Italian In Charge.

Mick Sinatra: His Woman, His Children, and Sal is the third installment in the Mick Sinatra interracial
romance series.
Mick Sinatra 3: His Lady, His Children, and Sal
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Vegas casino owner and gorgeous bad boy Reno Gabrini is getting hit from all
sides.  His youngest son is unable to control his own bad boy nature.  His oldest
son is unable to keep it in his pants.  His beautiful African-American wife is
meeting men in motel rooms and creating a chasm in their marriage that may not
be able to heal.  And Reno himself is racing against time to save his family, not
only from themselves, but from outside forces he never saw coming.

In an explosive installment of the Mob Boss interracial romance series, Reno and
Trina find themselves on a collision course with a fate that blindsides both of them.
Reno Gabrini: A Family Affair
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Tommy Gabrini: The Grace Factor
Sexy businessman and backdoor mob enforcer Dapper Tommy Gabrini finds himself at
a crossroads.  His latest relationship, with Liz Logan, is crumbling.  Bad guys are
plotting his demise in more ways than one.  And when he comes to grips with an
inconvenient truth about his feelings for his ex-wife Grace, he realizes that they have a
unique love that will not die.

But when the plot thickens and seek to choke not only Tommy, but his entire family, he
knows he has a choice to make.  When he chooses Grace, all hell breaks loose.

In the fifth installment of the Tommy Gabrini interracial romance series, Tommy and
Grace are together again.  But what price do they have to pay for love?
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Heartthrob mobster Mick Sinatra is on a roll. It’s six weeks after the birth of his
twins. His beautiful African-American wife is enjoying success in her business
unlike she’d ever had before, and they both are looking forward to success in the
bedroom after six weeks of abstinence. His grown children are all working for
him, with Teddy Sinatra as his new enforcer. He could not have asked for anything

Then his wife is accused of a horrific crime. His daughter turns up missing. His
daughter’s mother hits the scene creating a commotion. And his sons are pitted
against one another, and against him, as his family tears apart at the seams. But
when he realizes that his enemies are taking his silence for weakness, Mick
Sinatra gives way to Mick the Tick and all hell breaks loose.

In the latest pulse pounding installment of the Mick Sinatra interracial romance
series, Mick and Roz must face down foes they didn’t know they had, including
each other.
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Mick Sinatra 4: If You Don't Know Me By Now
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Gorgeous and trusted businessman Charles “Big Daddy” Sinatra will do
anything for his family. But when his golden child, Carly Sinatra, finds
herself involved with murder and mobsters, and when his beloved wife
gets implicated, Big Daddy quickly put down the mantle of father and
husband, and take up the mantle of enforcer.  With help from his ruthless
mob boss brother, Mick Sinatra, he will fight friend and foe alike to not
only protect his child, but his entire family.

Big Daddy Sinatra: Carly’s Cry is the latest hard-hitting installment in the
Sinatras of Jericho County interracial romance series.
Big Daddy Sinatra: Carly's Cry
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Reno Gabrini, the longtime owner of the PaLargio Hotel and Casino on the Vegas
Strip, faces his toughest foes yet when he has to face the ghosts of his past. Just
when he thought life was sailing right along, and his family were all making their
own dreams come true, the sins of his past come back with a vengeance and
seek to dismantle all that he holds dear. First his son and daughter-in-law find
themselves in a situation that almost destroys them both. Then his children are
targets. And then his wife. But nobody should ever mistake Reno Gabrini as
anything but tough on steroids, and nobody is going to harm his family and live to
tell about it.

Reno, and his beautiful African-American wife Trina, fight for their survival. They pull
out all of the stops to defend their family, their love, and their PaLargio.

In the latest installment of the Mob Boss Series, Reno and Trina put it all on the
line and discover, even then, that their everlasting love may not be enough to
conquer their enemies’ unquenchable hate.
Reno Gabrini: For His Lover (The Mob Boss Series Book 14)
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Hunky mobster Sal Gabrini is in a tough spot.  His gorgeous African-American
wife is pregnant with their first child together, and his legitimate corporation is
managing just fine.  But his crime syndicate is falling apart at the seams, and
enemies from within and without are trying with all they have to pull he and his
woman apart too.

But when their child is born, and those enemies take their hatred to an even
more toxic level, Sal calls out the rest of his family’s big guns to help him beat
back the charge.

In the latest installment of the Sal Gabrini interracial romance series, loyalties
are tested, positions are challenged, and turf wars are fought and settled the only
way Sal and company knows how.  
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Sal Gabrini: Just The Way You Are
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Mick Sinatra: The Harder They Fall

Gorgeously dangerous Mick Sinatra has seen it all. From the gritty streets of
Philadelphia's underground, to his corporate empire, he rules his world and his family
with an iron fist. He has a heart, but nobody gets to see it but his wife, as intimidation
and strength are the only way he knows how to rule.

But when enemies surround him, threatening to destroy the woman he holds most
dear, he comes out with all guns, machetes, and switchblades blazing. They target the
wrong one when they target his wife. But will his scorch earth revenge come too late to
save his wife, his children, or even himself?

Mick Sinatra: The Harder They Fall is the fifth book in the bestselling Mick Sinatra
interracial romance series.
Gorgeous gangster Mick Sinatra has recovered from the vicious attack that nearly
took him out, but the organizations that spearheaded his downfall are still up and
running. His own organization is fractured and bleeding and his ability to maintain
control is questioned. He knows he must trust no man, he must verify everything,
and he must fight to the death to reassert his dominance.

His wife, Rosalind Sinatra, has a fight of her own as her talent agency is failing and
her reputation is in ruins. Nobody in the entertainment business wants to be
associated with a gangster’s wife and make their displeasure public. Roz,
however, is Little Mick when she has to be, and nobody’s destroying all she worked
so hard to build without incurring her wrath.

But in this powerful installment of the Mick Sinatra interracial romance series, will
Mick and Roz expend so much energy facing down their enemies that they nearly
take down their marriage too?
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Titan of Industry and gorgeous mob enforcer Tommy Gabrini finds his life
unraveling before his very eyes when enemies hit him from all sides.  But it all
takes a darker turn when his wife, Grace Gabrini, and his brother Sal, also find
themselves caught in the web of lies, deceit, and heartbreak.

In the latest installment of the Tommy Gabrini interracial romantic suspense
series, Tommy and Grace must battle forces from the past and present as
they seek to maintain, not only their love, but their very existence.
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Charles Sinatra is the respected, hardhearted businessman everybody in
Jericho loves to hate.  But when enemies on every hand decides to go after his
beautiful wife Jenay, and his children, they wake up a sleeping giant.  Charles
“Big Daddy” Sinatra, the most powerful man in town, puts his power to the test
and take the fight to his enemies.  And when Big Daddy finishes laying down the
law; when Big Daddy shows them just how gangster he really can become,
nothing is left in his wake but the bodies of the trying men who dared to try him.  
With an assist from his brother and nephews, he shows them all that confusing
him as just another businessman is a fatal mistake.

Big Daddy Sinatra: Papa Don’t Play is the rip-roaring fifth novel in the Big Daddy
Sinatra interracial romantic suspense series.
Big Daddy Sinatra: Papa Don't Play
Tommy Gabrini: Every Which Way But Loose
Mick Sinatra: Now Will You Weep
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Reno Gabrini: I'm Losing You
Reno Gabrini didn’t come to this earth to lose.  When he discovers that he is losing a
trifecta of what he holds dear, he prepares for battle.  
His beloved wife Trina is overworked, underappreciated, and slowly drifting away from
His beloved son Jimmy Mack gets involved with unsavory characters whose actions
could cost Reno everything he worked so hard to build.
His beloved hotel and casino, the PaLargio, is being undermined on every hand until
he has to fight like hell just to keep it afloat.

In the 15th episode of the Reno Gabrini/Mob Boss saga, Reno finds himself caught in
the middle of wars, rumors of wars, and the kind of drama he despises.  All that he
holds dear is on the line, and if he doesn’t regain control of that line one of his
precious possessions may very well fall.
Mafia strong man and titan of industry Sal Gabrini can’t catch a break.  On the day
his gorgeous and smart African-American wife files papers to challenge the
incumbent District Attorney and clean out the corrupt and biased D.A.’s office, he is
accused of shooting and killing a black man.  Because Sal is a former cop with a
sketchy, some would say racist past, the media plays it up and attempts to drag his
wife through the mud right along with him.  

But the shooting proves to be only part of the story, as Sal and Gemma soon
realize that a larger conspiracy is at work here, and their very lives will depend on
how much love they have for each other, and how much fight they have within
themselves to not only take down their enemies, but to annihilate them.

Sal Gabrini: Burning Love is the eighth episode in the pulse-pounding, sexy and
thrilling interracial romance series.
Sal Gabrini: Burning Love
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Sal Gabrini: Love And War
Trevor Reese: His Secret Love
Reno Gabrini: When His Woman Cries
Italian bad boy Reno Gabrini has always been a complicated man.  As the owner of
the hottest casino on the Vegas Strip, he decimates anybody who tries to interfere
with the smooth running of his vast operation.  As a husband and father, he brooks
no debate and rules his family with tough love, and tender care.  

But when his stunning African-American wife is suffering and refuses to tell him
why, and when his businesses are bleeding money and nobody can tell him why,
he finds himself groping in the darkness for answers, and fighting a threat he will
not see coming.

In the sixteenth episode of the Reno Gabrini interracial romance series, Reno and
Trina fight together, fight alone, and realize that the invisible enemy might just be
their own undying love.
Bad boy businessman and government operative Trevor Reese never wanted to
fall in love.  But when he met Carly, and hired her to work for him, he couldn’t
stop the feeling.  He refuses to admit it to himself, or anyone else, as their
relationship remains his precious secret.  But when his beloved, Carly Sinatra,
finds herself in trouble, his actions speak for him.

With help from her father, Big Daddy Charles Sinatra, and her uncle, Mick the
Tick Sinatra, as well as a heaping side dish of the Gabrinis, Trevor is willing to
turn this world upside down to keep Carly safe.

In the first installment of the Trevor Reese series, Trevor learns the hard way
that falling in love in his profession can be hazardous to his health.
The moment of truth has come for sexy mobster Sal Gabrini when his syndicate
begins to collapse and all blame points to him.  And when his family is targeted
in the melee, and his past mistakes come back to haunt him, he has to make a
decision.  Either go all-in and protect what belongs to him, or get out.

In the latest fiery edition of the Sal Gabrini interracial romance series, Sal and
Gemma find their love on the line when enemies from within and without refuse
to grant them the peace they so desperately crave.
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Gorgeous bad boy Mick Sinatra is in a good place in his life. His beautiful, African-American
wife has been offered a starring role at a theater on London’s famed West End. His son,
Teddy, has taken over the day-to-day running of his ruthless crime family. His daughter,
Gloria, has learned the error of her ways.

But when an attack from outside turns his world upside down, and his beloved wife
becomes the target of shadowy figures with hidden agendas, Mick the Tick knows he has to
step back in and remind his enemies that they’re playing with fire when they play with him.

In the latest explosive episode of the Mick Sinatra interracial romance series, Mick and Roz
fight for life, love, and family, and their own special brand of payback.
Mick Sinatra: Love and Shadows
Sexy casino mogul Reno Gabrini fight ghosts from his past and enemies he thought
were friends when he is threatened in ways he never saw coming. But when they take it
too far and his beloved African-American wife and their children unwittingly become their
latest victims, Reno gives up all pretense at civility, and goes for the jugular. With the
help of his cousins, Sal and Tommy Gabrini, and ruthless mob boss Mick the Tick
Sinatra, the ghosts from his past become enemies that rue the day they ever thought
about spooking a Gabrini.

In the latest fast-paced episode of the Reno Gabrini interracial romance series, Reno
finds himself battling invisible foes he thought were long gone to protect his family, and
his honor.
Reno Gabrini: The Man In The Mirror
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Smooth operator Tommy Gabrini is living the life of a king.  His business is
flourishing.  His sweet, African-American wife’s business is flourishing.  And
their children are the apple of their eyes.  But when his wife is implicated in an
international sex trafficking ring, and their young children are plucked from their
bosom and thrown into Foster Care rather than with a relative for placement, his
life turns upside down.

With the stakes higher than they have ever been for Dapper Tom, and with his
wife and children on the line, Tommy knows he has to turn to a higher authority.

Former President and First Lady Dutch and Gina Harber have been living a quiet
existence since their days in the DC fishbowl.  But when friend and titan of
industry Tommy Gabrini seeks their help, they know they cannot stay on the
sidelines any longer.  With their help, Tommy shed all vestiges of his Dapper
persona, and cloak himself in the vicious, take-no-prisoners Backdoor Tommy
his family knows all too well, as he teaches his enemies a thing or two about
awakening a sleeping giant.

In the latest, fiery episode of the Tommy Gabrini interracial romance series,
Tommy Gabrini has had it up to here with his enemies, and will fight to the death
to prove just how badly they miscalculated his resolve.
Tommy Gabrini: No More Mister Nice Guy
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Gorgeous bad boy Mick Sinatra is not a perfect man.  His unyielding work ethic keeps him
away from home too often.  His associates in his legal, and illicit businesses keeps him
caught up in perilous situations.  His temper is legendary.  He is not a perfect man.

But he becomes determined to be a better family man.  He’s falling more in love with his
beautiful and talented African-American wife each and every day.  They have arguments and
disagreements, and others from their past seek to trouble the waters of their union, but
they understand the specialness of their relationship.  He has run-ins with his grown
children, too, and runs each one of them with an iron fist, but they also understand that he’s
trying his best to be the father he wasn’t when they were younger.  Mick Sinatra, for once in
his life, is giving his family his all.

But when the ghosts of his past come after his wife, and his children, and make an attempt
on his life, he sheds all vestiges of easygoing and goes on the warpath to protect his own.

In the latest explosive installment of the Mick Sinatra Interracial Romance series, Mick
Sinatra’s love for his wife and his children necessitates that there will be no peace for the
enemies who seek to do them harm.
Amelia Sinatra could write a book on heartache and abusiveness, but she wasn’t going out like that.  She, instead,
becomes as badass as her badass half-brothers: the notorious mob boss Mick Sinatra and the ruthless
businessman Big Daddy Charles Sinatra.  She rises to become a respected and feared international drug kingpin, but
in so doing she angers her big brothers, and gains the unwanted attention of the federal government.  Her brothers
want her to stop, and will make her stop if they have to.  But right now, Amelia has vengeance on her mind . . .

Gorgeous and powerful Hamilton “Hammer” Reese, the former CIA Director known for his vicious tactics to get the
bad guys, and his bedroom skills to get the ladies, has admired the infamous Amelia from afar for many years.  Until
one night, when their red-hot passion gets the best of them, a child is conceived.   Now the stakes are higher than
ever and Hammer is discovering that there is a lot more to the elusive Amelia than mind-blowing sex.  He finds
himself falling in love for the first time in his life, and Amelia finds herself unable to keep her own deepening feelings
for a player like Hammer at bay.  But there’s a problem: Reggie Dell, a young lady Hammer adores and protects as if
she were his own daughter, is in love with Hammer too.  And what Reggie wants, Reggie gets . . .

In the first installment of the Amelia Sinatra interracial romance series, Amelia’s undying need to extract revenge on
those who did her wrong, and Hammer Reese’s undying love for Amelia clash violently into a fiery explosion that their
blossoming romance may not be able to quench.
Gorgeous business mogul Charles Sinatra learns the hard way that no good deed goes
unpunished. When an attempt to help his cousin goes horribly awry and turns into a dangerous
ordeal for his own family, and when enemies seek to destroy, not only Charles, but his brother,
ruthless mob boss Mick Sinatra, he discovers that a war had started before he knew it had been

In the latest pulse-pounding edition of the Big Daddy Sinatra interracial romance series, Charles
must fight the power, and his own past, to protect his family and his life.
Handsome casino mogul Reno Gabrini is a man who loves hard and works hard.  His
casino is thriving.  His other business ventures are off the charts successful.  But his
marriage, to the love of his life, is crumbling.  And when forces gather to take his empire
down at the same time that a smooth billionaire shows up to take his woman away,
Reno has to choose: fight for his kingdom, or fight for his wife.  His enemies will not
allow him to do both.

In the latest explosive episode of the Reno Gabrini interracial romance series, Reno and
Trina must come to grips with the harsh reality that their marriage is on rocky ground,
and it will take the best of their love, and so much more, if they ever expect to overcome
the daunting odds.
Mick Sinatra is doing all he can to let his sons handle his powerful syndicate,
while he handles his international corporation. He is trying his best to delegate
and ease up. He even asks his beautiful, African-American wife to renew their
marriage vows, and allows her to make questionable career moves despite his

But when tragedy strikes, and Mick is blindsided, he reverts to form and avenge
every person who sought to do his family harm.

In the latest, red-hot edition of the Mick Sinatra interracial romance series, Mick
Sinatra: Heat Wave packs a heavy punch, as enemies old and new attempt to
decimate everything Mick holds dear.
Gorgeous billionaire venture capitalist Alexander Drakos immerses himself in the
work of his vast empire after a devastating tragedy causes him to reassess his
playboy lifestyle and easygoing, self-centered existence.  While in Apple Valley,
Florida on business, he meets a woman who manages to capture his attention, and
could very well capture his heart.

Karena “Kari” Grant is the young, African-American owner of a struggling cleaning
service, and the single parent of a precocious fourteen-year-old son.  Her world
turns upside down when her ex, mob fixer Vito Visconni, returns from a long prison
stint vowing to get his family back, and when her son falls prey to an unspeakable
horror.  Kari turns to Alex for help, and Alex discovers, for the first time in his life,
what to love unselfishly looks and feels like.

In the first book of the Alex Drakos interracial romance series, Alex and Kari must
face down demons that threaten their budding romance, and mobsters and enemies
that threaten their very lives.
Handsome but deadly mob chief Sal Gabrini, alongside his gorgeous but ruthless
big brother, business titan Tommy Gabrini, are summoned to Rome by a
grandfather they didn’t know they had; to handle a delicate situation they didn’t know

With their beautiful African-American wives in tow, they head to a homeland that
becomes as treacherous as it is enchanting, and that forces them to confront a
grandfather with more than a family reunion on his mind.

In the latest installment of the Sal and Tommy interracial romance series, the two
brothers must conquer old demons, uncover devastating secrets and lies, and battle
a harsh reality that threatens to destroy them both.
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Mick Sinatra: No Love. No Peace. (The Mick Sinatra Series Book 9)
Amelia Sinatra: Hammer Time
Big Daddy Sinatra: Charles In Charge (Big Daddy Sinatra Series Book 6)
Reno and Trina: Love On the Rocks
Mick Sinatra: Heat Wave (The Mick Sinatra Series Book 10)
Alex Drakos: His Forbidden Love
Sal and Tommy Gabrini: A Brother's Love