Nikki Lucas and Dino Cochran met sixteen years earlier, when Nikki was a street hustler boosting CDs, and Dino owned one of
the most successful nightclubs in inner-city Detroit.  After spending a night together, Nikki ends up pregnant.  Although Dino
had previously warned her not to read anything into their one-night stand, Nikki was certain that a man as kind as Dino would
ultimately do the right thing.  Until she uncovers secrets about Dino that tears her world apart. Devastated, Nikki leaves Detroit.
Sixteen years later, Nikki is the struggling owner of a small diner in Monroe, Florida.  Although her friends try to encourage her
to join the church and get right with God, she has been stung too many times to make that move.  She, instead, works hard and
tries to raise her rebellious teenage son the best way she can.  
When Nikki had left Detroit, Dino, feeling guilty, had suffered enormous losses that forced him to confront his own demons.  
Now, sixteen years later, he is head of the national council of churches and one of the most powerful men around.  He arrives
in little Monroe after a scandal erupts within one of his member churches.  Both Dino and Nikki are shocked to see each other
again, and try to downplay their feelings for each other.  Especially Nikki, who never told Dino that she was pregnant, and had
told her son that his father was dead.  But when her son is arrested in a baffling case involving the local football hero, and the
entire town turns against him, Nikki has no choice but to bury her stubborn pride and go to Dino for help.  Both she and Dino
fight hard for the liberty of their son, with Dino hiring the best lawyers in the country, including a woman with more than the
law on her mind.  Their forced togetherness causes Nikki to not only confront God's love for her, but the true depths of her
love for Dino.
                                                                                             372 pages