Murder Through The Grapevine
Murder Through The Grapevine
Roni Jarrett was once in love with a high-rolling strip club owner who used her and abused her and caused her to lose the job
of her dreams and her self-respect.  With nothing left but her newfound faith in Christ and her old BMW, she hits the road
and ends up where she started: in her old hometown.  She finds a job in an upscale beauty salon, becomes music director for
her church, and does all she can to live a life that is pleasing in the eyes of God.  But other people’s drama has a way of
following Roni Jarrett, and it follows her home.

 For when her best friend from childhood turns up dead in the streets, and when the local police behaves as if Roni may
have had a hand in that death, everything changes.  Roni finds herself caught up in a dangerous maze of gossip and lies that
can lead to her own destruction.  She also finds that the only man willing to help her, police chief Don Gillette, is a gorgeous
hunk of a human being who makes Roni’s heart pound,  but whose own reputation causes even more drama to enter her
life.  Roni’s faith is tested time and again as she struggles to understand what is happening around her, and how her budding
relationship with Don Gillette, a relationship that seems God-sent, may get caught in the wreckage too.
                                                                                              310 pages