New York Public Library Association's
Best Book for Teens Award
Plenty Good Room
When Bay Dawson’s best friend and older brother are both shot to death in Harlem, his mother decides to send him
away from the dangers of the big city. She packs him off to Jacksonville, Florida to live with the father he has never
known - a well-to-do slumlord with a penchant for easy women, expensive cars, and Frank Sinatra tunes. Told in
the blunt language of a street-wise but vulnerable teenager, Plenty Good Room is the gripping story of Bay’s
attempts to fit into his new life. At first palmed off on his mother’s eccentric southern relatives, Bay finally manages
to win himself a tentative place in his father’s household. But the struggle to reclaim his father’s love turns out to be
much harder than he had imagined, and mounting family troubles take their toll on Bay’s faltering self-esteem. His
expectations and hopes are crushed, and he sets off on a course for disaster.

Winner of the New York Public Library Association's Best Book for Teens Award, Plenty Good Room is a funny,
tragic, exhilarating look at a family on the brink of self-destruction.
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