Surviving Mr. Right
Dr. Victoria Coleman is a smart, savvy D.C. History Professor
who can handle everything, except the love scene. Show the
woman a good-looking brother and she’s in trouble- at lightening

Vera Langston is a vivacious activist - or she was until she married
Rollie, an uptight undertaker who seems determined to bury her

Regina Ridgeway is outrageous and outspoken - a knockout lawyer
who goes through husbands like she goes through pantyhose.

When Vera and Rollie decide to make a fresh start in the steamy
state of Florida, Victoria and Gina follow to start new lives of their
own. But while Vera is quickly back to letting Rollie run her down,
Gina takes a stormy fourth trip to the altar. Meanwhile Victoria sets
off on a wacky search for Mr. Right that introduces her to Mr.
Wrong, Mr. Crazy, and Mr. Naked Stalker. But it’s her wild, out-
of-control love jones for Derrick “Moon” McCalister - Florida’s
finest bachelor - that forces each woman to examine her dreams,
her hopes, and her fears - and finally choose what she really wants
in life.
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