Teresa McClain-Watson's latest novel is a searing story of
friendship, deception, and self-imposed boundaries that threaten
to spill over into a magnificent love no scheme can stop.  

Thomas Drayton and Jazz Walker have been the best of friends
for seven years, choosing their friendship over their mates-of-
the-moment on numerous occasions. But when Thomas meets
Alex, an aggressive man pleaser who knows what she wants and
won't stop until she gets it, the great friendship he shares with
Jazz begins to unravel. Jazz cannot imagine her life without
Thomas and she cannot abide a woman like Alex taking her
place. She therefore starts down an often hilarious course to
snare Thomas away from the devious Alex. But the plan
backfires mightily when Thomas ends up in Jazz’s bed and the
great friendship she thought she was protecting becomes the
very casualty of a romance she and Thomas had always sought
to avoid.  
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