What We Did For Love
Ben and Josie are back! This time, they move to Minnesota to get
away from the drama of their past, only to bump into even more this
time around! Although Josie would like nothing more than to be with
Ben twenty-four-seven, Ben instead buys her a lovely home of her
own and gives her all of her heart’s desires. But what Josie most want,
time and attention from Ben, are the very things he seems unable to
give. Then the shady phone calls start ... and then the incriminating
photographs arrive for Josie to see - and their trust in each other is put
to the test once more. While Josie is right to be suspicious, she could
never have imagined the bizarre web of vengeance that is about to
ensnare them now.

Alvin Romer of “Romance in Color” wrote:

“ ‘It bordered on obsession,’ the author wrote on the very first page of
her novel, What We Did For Love…and so it was. Teresa McClain-
Watson tells what was done for love in a story in riveting fashion with
nothing left out and everything expected to keep you spell-bound. I
found plenty to laud in reading this latest offering by Ms McClain-
Watson. Namely, how she weaves such a compelling plot around
Benjamin Braddock, her conservative and taciturn Judge, and his
‘shoot from the hip’ journalist girlfriend who flees Florida after a
scandal broke involving the Judge. Subsequently, Josie’s jealous nature
and her penchant for jumping to conclusions perceives incriminating
evidence suggesting that Ben is having an affair that forces the story
into another strata – a game of betrayal and deceptive derring-do.
Obsession blinded by misguided intent where trust and friendship is
allowed to bait hooks for selfish lust, is always fodder for a good
story...If you enjoy suspense where love is concerned then read this
book and discover the unique story-telling talent that this author brings
to the reading public. The storyline is top-notch and congruent with
plot and setting.”
What We Did For Love