Nominated by Romantic Times as one of
the best inspirational novels of 2006
Matty Jolson, the handsome new pastor of rural Georgia’s Fountain Hope
Baptist Church, hasn’t been anywhere near a pulpit in six years.  He was
ousted from his last church under a cloud when a woman he hardly knew
became obsessed with him and took drastic action.  Matty’s anxiety about
his new job isn’t helped by the fact that the congregation isn’t exactly
thrilled to see him - except for Diane Tarver, the town’s mousy librarian,
who finds him off-the-charts gorgeous.  And he can’t stop thinking about

But Leah Littleton, one of Diane’s best friends, also likes his style, and
before long it looks like she might be bringing more crazy trouble his
way.  Things only get worse when Matty finds out about another member
of the flock being abused by her husband, a powerful and respected
judge.  As Leah tries every dirty trick in the book to seduce Matty and
the judge secretly plans to get him fired from his position, Diane just
doesn’t know who or what to believe anymore.  Are the terrible
allegations against Matty true, or is he the man she thinks - and hopes -
he is?

When He Hollers, Let Him Go is an insightful novel about the choices we
make, the paths we take, and the importance of listening to your heart.
When He Hollers, Let Him Go